Biker in career, black and white

The idea was expressed in black and white with use of floors contrasting. The subject and his clothings try to express this contrast.

Work and passion of the subject (motorcyclist), shirt, tie and leather jacket with motorcycle helmet.

I used 4 speedlite flashes. The first was in a softbox of 60×60 cm in rembrandt position to the right of the image. The second, to brighten the background, to the left, diagonally. The third behind the subject as a rim light pointed at his hair. The fourth placed frontally on left to slightly lighten the shaded part of the subject.

I used the blacks panels to shield the light of the softbox and background, this for try to have opposed lightings. I tried that to have gradation of the background in opposite to that of the gradiation of the subject.

Where the subject (at least the face) is darker, the background is lighter. Where the subject is clearer it has mostly dark background.

As a background I used a backdrop of gray card at 18%.

Ritratto Chris by Guerrini Stefano


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